In time for life

In time for life

You can tell a gentleman by his shoes, as the old adage has it. But your footwear isn’t the only part of your outfit that’s got the power to give you away at one glance. Not only does a proper watch serve as an impeccable gauge of your own success, style and connoisseurship, if well cared for, it may just look after you one day.

Vintage watches are on a hot streak that wilfully defies the financial climate, and the demand for the best-known brands is raising investment prospects across the market. They’re not going to triple in value overnight. In fact, like a new car, a new watch will depreciate in value at first. But if you buy sensibly and look after your watches, they will make a return in the long term.

Here we have selected a few timepieces from My Lapel’s curated offering of fine watches that each tick the boxes of durability, simplicity and timeless good looks and thus represent worthwhile investments – both now and in the future.



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